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Establishment of the private sector made positive contribution to the country’s economy in the period of social and economic development with favourable business conditions.

Starting its operations as wholesale supplier since 1994, Veyseloglu Trade and Distribution Company was engaged in the import of food products from the Republic of Turkey in the early years of establishment. Correct targets, right choices, right decisions and joint work have been leading this Company from success to success. The friendly collective and responsible approach has facilitated hitting the targets.

Growing from year to year, Veyseloglu Trade and Distribution Company within a short time period evolved into modern Trade Group with highest level of service, through establishing extensive trade network equipped with modern technologies meeting the standards.

The Company owns central warehouse located in Baku, as well Salyan Branch which is covering South region and Mingechaur Branch which is covering West region. Despite that those branches are located far from the centre, both of them have been equipped with the latest technological tools in accordance with the latest requirements. There is also special private railway belonging to the Company.