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What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

Corporate Social Responsibility is a management concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business interactions with their stakeholders.


CSR is generally understood as being the way through which a company achieves a balance of economic, environmental and social imperatives. The CSR is also a voluntary behavioural culture aimed at protection and development of the society and environment. Thus, commercial interests of the companies stand together with their social role in the society.


Implementation necessity of CSR

The processes in the market economy necessitate CSR implementation. So, not only commercial interests, but also social obligations of the Company before society and its partners have taken a place in the consumers' choice criteria and relationships among partners in the market.  In addition, the factors those make CSR implementation more relevant:


International CSR principles:

• Responsibility

According to this principle, the company should be responsible for the impacts of its activities on the society and the environment


• Transparency

The company should ensure transparency in its decisions and activities that affect society and the environment


• Ethic activity

The company's activities should be based on ethical principles such as honesty, fairness and inviolability.


• Respect for interests of partners

The company should respect the interests of its partners, take them into account in its daily activities and meet the relevant requirements in this field.


• Respect for primacy of law

The company must admit that the rules of the law are binding and must be respected.


• Respect for international principles of activity

The company must comply with the legal requirements of the country in which it operates, trying to comply with international regulations on its activities as much as possible.


• Respect for human rights

The company should accept the necessity of respect for human rights and its universal importance.


The state has always focused the attention on young people so that they can take decent positions in the society, creation of the necessary conditions for it, increase their knowledge and skills, and realization of their potential. Having a special role and place in Azerbaijan’s food sector, Veysaloglu Group has always given a special importance to the youth. In the first half of 2018, 80% of Group’s employees are between the ages of 17-35. 64% of the Company's employees are young people aged at 17-29. And this means that more than half of the employees working in Veysaloglu Group are young people. The constantly emerging Company has always supported young people and has grown up with the youth. Thus, Veysaloglu Group pays great attention to increasing the staff's knowledge and skills, professional level. It organizes courses, seminars, trainings at its own expense throughout the country and abroad, carrying out various activities.

The Company has been always helping the employees and their children entering higher educational institutions of the Republic with high scores in the payment of tuition fees, and also supports the children of employees studying in higher educational institutions of foreign countries. Veysaloglu Group has been implementing Veysaloglu Student Scholarship Program (VSSP) since 2013. According to the scholarship program, monthly and annual scholarships are paid to support the education of children of the Company’s employees who are enrolled in higher educational institutions throughout the country and abroad. Currently, more than 50 students are members of VSSP, and we believe that the number of people joining the program will grow in the near future.


Moreover, Group operates Veysaloglu Development Centre (VDC). It is involved in organizing various training projects, focusing on personal and professional development of our employees. The activity of this Centre has a significant impact on motivation of the team.


Besides, we have been implementing projects together with universities while participating in programs. Within these collaborations we share our active vacancies with the universities in order to involve relevant graduates into our Company. At the same time, by organizing info tours, we invite students to the Company and inform them about our activities, the activity of the HR department-recruitment process, career opportunities, and expectations of the Company from young people.


Veysaloglu Group also takes an active part in employment fairs of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population held under the slogan “First steps in career” for students and graduates.


As in every year, the CSR project of the Group has been developed in 2018, too. The main objective is to support projects implemented by the government and many NGO alliances, to fulfil the corporate responsibility duty as a company. The project, which will ensure the consistency of the work to be carried out in direction of settlement of social problems of the special talented youth and the low-income people, includes 4 programs:


- Let our future shine like a star;

- Program of the unforgettable people;

- Program of talented youth;

-“Care has no time” program

These programs are primarily aimed at addressing the socio-economic problems of families of martyrs, Karabakh veterans, students, who have lost their parents or with low-income, as well as resolution of appeals on assistance and support addressed to the Company. The Group strives to support these CSR projects and other programs with the emphasis on young people.


Contribution to education and society is one of the key pillars of our corporate social responsibility policy. CSR is an important factor not only for social or environmental values, but also for the creation and development of corporate value. Veysaloglu also has “Veysaloglu volunteers” within the framework of CSR projects, and these volunteers operate in an organized manner on a relevant plan.