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Our Company is on the way of ongoing development together with its personnel consisting of the professional sales team, experienced marketing experts and also competent and experienced specialists, who received their education in local and foreign universities.

In order to maintain quality of sales and service provided to the customers, as well as organize high-level interaction between our employees and clients online data exchange is carried out via handheld terminals. Received orders are delivered to customers as quickly as possible.

Our mission is to provide highest level sales service to all points of sale available in the Azerbaijani market.

Since its inception, Veyseloglu Group of Companies have taken bold steps on this successful and benevolent road, will further go towards its goals and make its substantial contribution to the economy of Azerbaijan. Yet, there are so many roads to be crossed and so many things to be done. After all, Veyseloglu is not only today’s, but also tomorrow’s evolving company.