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Memories of soldier-photograph lived during Azerbaijan Democratic Republic period in “9 pictures of People’s Government” documentary film


The proclamation of the Azerbaijani Democratic Republic in 1918 was the establishment of a common law in the area of the Azerbaijani geography. Just 100 years ago, Azerbaijan set up the Democratic Republic and declared its own country under the common flag.


In order to perpetuate this unforgettable and proud moment, Veysaloglu Group of Companies decided to launch its own film “9 Pictures of People’s Government” with its initiative and creative team of Cinealliance Cinema Company.


It is the disclosure of what happened, not from a historian, a chronicle, but from an ordinary soldier's perspective. This is the establishment of an ideological environment in the family of a soldier and simultaneously a photographer of the Caucasian Islamic Army, even after many years.

The film features nine pictures reflecting the events that took place at that time. Through these images, the achievements of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan can be achieved in nine various areas. Historical events are interpreted by artistic heroes.


The main message of the visual text is to deliver a two-year magnificent history to modern audience with simple arguments and in a very simple language. The film highlights the successes of the state building process in a number of areas, the success of law enforcement, judicial, banking, telegraph systems, army building and culture during two splendid years.

The actor's game, along with a photo-video archive accompanied by an artistic text, instant reviving of the drawing, and focusing on another source is a new synthesis culture for the Azerbaijani cinema.


The film is two different angles of view of two different age-related attitudes toward the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan. Both generations respect the glorious history. Highly appreciates what is happening. Only such an ideological environment can raise a soldier loving the homeland. As, the child hero of the film grows in such an ideological environment with the desire to become a soldier.