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Our young chess player, Aydin Suleymanli signed his one more success, becoming double European champion.


The European chess championship in Mamaia, Romania between children and teenagers was finalized. 28 chess players represented our country in the tournament. The continental championship was held on Swiss system and was made up of 9 tournaments.

12 years old Aydin Suleymanli, the son of the employee of Veysaloglu Group was also amongst these intellectuals.  So, Aydin Suleymanli managed to rise to the honourable podium by defeating all his rivals at the continental championship. Our sportsman won the title of European champion by scoring 7.5 in the competition consisting of 9 tours.

Note that generally, about 1200 chess players from 46 countries fought for victory in said competition.  Aydin Suleymanli is owner of title of double Azerbaijani and double European champion. He also has achieved to rise to the third step of the honourable podium in the world championship.

We would like to remind you that Veysaloglu Group focusing on corporate social responsibility projects is always known for its support to the sports and education.