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Veysaloglu delighted Astara children together with “Asan Könüllüləri” (Asan Volunteers) organization


Veysaloglu Group has been successfully implementing ”ASAN məktub” (ASAN letter) project together with “Asan Könüllüləri” (Asan Volunteers) organization.

According to the information given by Public Relations department of Veysaloglu Group, the main purpose of implementation of project is realization of desires and wishes of children up to 4-14 being in the sensitive group of population.

So, Group realized the first project in Gapichimahalla village which is considered remote residential point of Astara region. In general the desires and wishes of 51 children, which they had addressed to ”ASAN məktub” (ASAN letter)  were realized, with presents given them.

Moreover, the presentation ceremony was continued with New Year festival; also, other children attended the meeting were presented holiday gifts. 

Note that Veysaloglu Group is planning to implement ”ASAN məktub” (ASAN letter) project continually in all regions of Republic as part of corporate social responsibility project.