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Veyseloglu” Group supports exhibition “One nation, two states”, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Azerbaijan People’s Government


An exhibition of the two young disabled talented artists Ramil Ahmadov and Behbud Jafarguliyev was organized in Antalyawith the support of the Eurasia International Research Institute, led by MP Ganira Pashayeva, as well as Antalya Association of Journalists, Antalya Turkish Hearths, AzeriMed, Veyseloglu and “Lider Lojistik”. reports that, the exhibition titled “One nation, two states”, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Azerbaijan People’s Government, was attended by municipalities, NGOs, mass media heads and many intellectuals.


In her speech, MP Ganira Pashayeva spoke about the innate talent of young artists: “The works of these two talented young people once again prove that, people with physical disabilities are not left behind in the society, but rather try to do their best to make dreams and desires come true. Looking at the works presented at the exhibition, a spectator travels to the world of light heart of Ramil Ahmadov and Behbud Jafarguliyev, and gets acquainted with the product of their dreams and thoughts”.


Pashayeva underlined the importance of the works by both artists onAzerbaijan,Turkeyand Karabakh: “There is a great Turkic love in the hearts of Ramil and Behbud and it is possible to see a thought of one nation, two states in several works of the artists. Even though they have never seenTurkey, Turkic world must know these young people, who have drawn their fraternal country, more closely”.